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CONCEPT PLANS    Our concept plans are thoroughly worked up with material finishes, plant schedules and relevant elevations all drawn to scale. Every element is coloured and clearly labelled to allow the client to fully grasp the design in its entirety.


WORKING DRAWINGS    Some projects are too big and complicated to fit onto one concept plan. We can work up a set of drawings that allow the client and contractor to clearly distinguish between hard landscaping, soft landscaping, lighting/irrigation and construction details.


3D    If the client is struggling to visualise the design within the existing surrounds we can offer a complete 3D service with on screen walkthroughs and printable renders.


COUNCIL APPROVAL    If you're building a house or simply adding an extension, more often than not you must submit a landscape plan to council for approval. Having dealt with just about every Melbourne council we can help manage the process so that you can commence construction as soon as possible.  


ONSITE MANAGMENT    Having developed great relationships with a number of contractors over the years, we feel we can safely leave our designs in their hands. However some clients may wish to have us onsite every now and then just to make sure none of the finer details are missed and the build progresses as planned.

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