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1 We start with a free onsite consultation to discuss client needs, existing conditions and possible design aspects. A quote to complete the design is given at the end of the consultation. Within this quote the client has access to one round of revisions to further refine the design.


2 If the client is happy to proceed we organise a time to measure up the dwelling, boundaries and existing conditions.


3 A concept is developed from the initial discussion with the client. This is a colour scale drawing that includes detailed specifications outlining levels, material finishes and plant species.


4 A meeting is then scheduled to discuss the initial concept where all design aspects are explained in full. The client is urged to thoroughly look over the plan for a week and research all plant and material selections. The invoice is also issued at the end of this meeting.


5 Once the client has a grasp on the initial concept we then organise a second meeting to discuss any amendments or questions they might have. Often the initial concept is given to a number of contractors to get a ball park figure on implementing the design. These quotes may influence some of the amendments.


6 If there are amendments a round of revisions is included in the fee and once completed we meet to discuss the amended plan.


7 If the concept requires further revisions we move onto an hourly rate. If the client is happy with the amended plan it is ready to be put out for tender. If the client wishes we can supply contact details for a number of contractors who can quote and implement the design.

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